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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Gun-Grabbing Bloomberg-Crony Mayor James Schiliro Has a Collection of Guns, and Allegedly Fired One, in an Attempt to Homosexually Rape the Young Man He’d Had a Policeman Procure in a Squad Car

The Honorable James Schiliro  

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Reader-researcher RC, who sent along this story, remarked,

The true definition of "booty call."

Note that many, if not all of the mayors in the above video have heavily armed, taxpayer-subsidized gunsels guarding them 24/7, but they all want to abolish, by hook or by crook, the ordinary, law-abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, the U.S. Constitution be damned.

I am aware that Marcus Hook Mayor James Schiliro a.k.a. Jay Schiliro, has not been charged with attempted rape, but that’s what the charges amount to.

It’s a gay thing; you wouldn’t understand. Apparently, it’s virtually impossible now for a grown man to be charged with attempted rape of another grown man (unless the perp is white and the vic ain’t, I guess), so the authorities instead came up with a passel of other charges, most of which make no sense, independent of an attempted rape charge.

* * *

“Mayor Against Illegal Guns” Arrested in Gun-Related Incident [Video]
March 28, 2013
By Anonymous
The Inquisitr

[Video link.]

Marcus Hook, PA — A member of the Michael Bloomberg-sponsored gun control organization “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” has been arrested and charged in connection with a handgun incident at his home.

James Schiliro, a.k.a. Jay Schiliro, the mayor of Marcus Hook, a small town in Delaware County, Pennsylvania,faces charges of official oppression, reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and furnishing a minor with alcohol. He surrendered to authorities on Thursday morning, and his attorney declared that “we intend to fight these charges.”

Schiliro, 38, allegedly ordered a local police officer to bring a 20-year-old male friend to his home, where the mayor plied him with alcohol, and made sexual advances which the man refused. Schiliro allegedly brandished several handguns and fired one of them into the floor in an apparent attempt to intimidate the young man, who reportedly was in fear of his life.

The mayor was freed on $50,000 bail and told to stay away from the alleged victim and give up his stash of firearms.

Schiliro, a Republican, has refused requests by town officials to step down, and he intends to continue to run in the May 21 contested mayoral primary. Mayors Against Illegal Guns reportedly dropped him immediately from the list of coalition supporters when this news emerged, however, and he no longer appears on the website of the organization of approximately 800 mayors, mostly Democrats, which is led by NYC Mayor Bloomberg.

Schiliro isn’t the only member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns who has run into trouble with the law. For example, Craig Lowe, the Democrat major of Gainesville, Florida, who appears in a gun-control commercial with Mayor Bloomberg, was recently arrested for DUI at the scene of a crash when the Highway Patrol found him asleep behind the wheel of his car. Other elected officials in the group have allegedly been been [sic] charged with corruption, assaulting a police officer, and child sex crimes.

.: posted by NicholasNicholas Stix' e-mail

1:49 AM

“All He Wants Now is the Money”: Charles Krauthammer May Have Said Something Important on Fox News, but Everyone was So Afraid to Ask Him a Follow-Up Question, That We’ll Probably Never Know (Video)

Posted by Nicholas Stix

Thanks to Wayne Dupree.

“I found the above video at Freedom Outpost, where I also found the following quip.

• antiliberalcryptonite• 2 hours ago (link) You offend a Conservative by telling him a lie. You offend Liberals by telling the truth. 55

Well, it used to be true, but is it still?

.: posted by NicholasNicholas Stix' e-mail

12:29 AM