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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Death of a Gangster-Rapist-Cop: Hispanic High School Classmates Circle Wagons ‘Round Albert Covarrubias Jr., 29, Who Died Shooting It Out with Cops


Albert Covarrubias Jr., a Santa Maria police officer, was fatally shot early last Saturday while fellow police were trying to arrest him.

By Nicholas Stix

Note the pathetic character of the defenses of Albert Covarrubias Jr. People who went to school with him 12 years ago, expect us to buy the notion that: 1. It’s unbelievable that a man from a criminal “culture,” in which child-rape, corruption, and gangsterism are the norms would conform to those norms; and 2. That his death was somehow the fault of the cops he fired on, rather than his own lawlessness.

Covarrubias’ old classmates’ rationalizations are worthless on their own terms, but tell us plenty about their lawless, gangster world.

One Internet commenter suggested that Covarrubias’ victim might have blown the whistle on him out of revenge, when he went and re-married—another woman.

And what of his current friends? Why didn’t we hear from them? Could it be that they are all gangsters?

I wonder what else we should know about a man who would commit statutory rape, intimidate witnesses, and die shooting it out with his supposed brother cops, before he would permit himself to be taken into custody. Albert Covarrubias Jr. reeks of gangster, but incurious, unskeptical “journalists” are unlikely to do any digging.

* * *

Santa Maria officer's friends struggle with account of his death
They recall the man who was killed during his own arrest as an 'awesome person.'
By Steve Chawkins
January 31, 2012
Los Angeles Times

SANTA MARIA, CALIF. — Friends of a police officer killed during his arrest for alleged sex crimes were racked with disbelief Monday -- at the charges as much as the fatal outcome.

They gathered at a street-corner shrine, remembering Albert Covarrubias Jr., 29, as a man far different from the one portrayed by his bosses after he was fatally shot by a fellow officer while police tried to arrest him a few blocks from department headquarters.

Police suspected Covarrubias, who reportedly was wed for a second time just a few weeks ago, of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old high school girl.

Officers were attempting to detain him early Saturday as his shift ended and he was dismantling a DUI checkpoint, Santa Maria Police Chief Danny Macagni said at a somber weekend news conference. Covarrubias struggled with his colleagues, fired his own gun and was shot in return, the chief said.

In addition to suspecting Covarrubias of having a sexual relationship with a minor, Santa Maria police investigators believed that witnesses in the case were being intimidated, Macagni said at the news conference. The chief was unavailable for comment Monday, and other Santa Maria officers said only he was authorized to speak about the situation.

On Monday, friends who attended Santa Maria High School with Covarrubias voiced skepticism about the official account.

"I just don't believe what they say," said Tiffany Almaguer, 29. "It just doesn't sound right."

Why, she asked, arrest a uniformed officer in public while he's on duty?

"Even in retail, if you're suspected of shoplifting, you're called to the office," she said. "He came to work and he was ambushed."

The shooting is being investigated by the Santa Maria Police Department and the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department, a standard procedure in shootings by officers.

Sheriff's spokesman Drew Sugars said he didn't know when the investigation would be complete. He also said he wasn't certain whether investigators would look at Covarrubias' alleged crimes.

At the makeshift shrine near the shooting scene, friends of Covarrubias recalled him as the class clown. "He was an awesome person," Almaguer said. "He was hilarious -- in capital letters."

Fabiela Frausto, 29, had trouble believing the accusations against her high school pal. "That wasn't the person we knew him to be," she said.

The shooting was the second in seven weeks by officers in the agricultural city.

Last December, police officers fatally shot Samyr Ceballos, suspected of being a drug dealer, after a brief pursuit. Two officers were wounded by friendly fire, Macagni said in the wake of that shooting. The Sheriff's Department's investigation is ongoing.

[Thanks to reader-researcher RC, who notes: Sex with underage girls is the social norm in Mexico. North of the border it is illegal and frowned upon.]

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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Are You a Retarded Nazi? You are, if You are to the Right of Left-Wing “Scientists”! Lefty Scholars Prove, Yet Again, That Their Political Opponents are Evil and Stupid
By Nicholas Stix

Possible social policies for dealing with retarded, rightwing Nazis:

1. Testing all whites on their political views, and rescinding the right to vote for those with the wrong views, since that would prove that they are of low intelligence;

2. Testing all white children for intelligence, and euthanizing all low-IQ kids (even though we know that neither IQ nor race exists);

3. Sterilizing all whites with the wrong views; and/or

4. Imprisoning all whites found to have prejudiced views in re-education camps, and euthanizing them, if they fail to see the errors of their ways. It would be the merciful thing to so.

* * *

Study links low intelligence with right-wing beliefs
By Wency Leung
Globe and Mail Blog
February 3, 2012


Researchers have found a possible explanation for why certain people are prejudiced: they’re less intelligent.

Children with lower general intelligence are more likely to become prejudiced as adults, according to a Brock University study.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, examined data from two large-scale British studies, and found lower intelligence scores in childhood were predictors of greater racism in adulthood, which the researchers controversially explain is brought about by adopting right-wing ideologies.

More related to this story
• Red or blue? The shape of your grey matter may reveal your political stripe
• Meditation alters your grey matter, studies show
• Researchers pinpoint brain’s fear centre

A secondary analysis of data from a U.S. study also showed those with poor abstract-reasoning skills were more likely to have anti-homosexual prejudice, partially linked to authoritarian attitudes.

Lead researcher Gordon Hodson told LiveScience that the results of the study indicate a vicious cycle, in which people with low intelligence are drawn to socially conservative ideologies. In turn, those ideologies can contribute to prejudices.

“Socially conservative ideologies tend to offer structure and order,” he said, explaining why those with lower intelligence may gravitate toward the right. “Unfortunately, many of these features can contribute to prejudice.”

The researchers found that people with lower intelligence also tended to have less contact with other races and groups, which, Dr. Hodson said, supports previous research that determined interacting with other groups is mentally challenging and cognitively draining.

Dr. Hodson explained the findings do not mean all liberals are smart and all conservatives are stupid, reports. “There are multiple examples of very bright conservatives and not-so-bright liberals, and many examples of very principled conservatives and very intolerant liberals,” he said.

Previous research has suggested that the brains of conservatives and liberals are wired differently.

What do you think? Does intelligence really determine your political stripe? And do your politics determine how prejudiced you are?

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