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Thursday, May 27, 2010

“Cotton Balls of Hate”: The Mizzou Two Case

The Mizzou Two Desperados: Sean D. Fitzgerald and Zachary E. Tucker

By Nicholas Stix

[My VDARE exclusive frontpager on the “Mizzou Two” case was just published: “Report from Occupied America: Free the Mizzou Two!” (That’s VDARE’s front page link, which is only good for about 24 hours; thereafter, hit this permalink.) The article's opening follows.]

On April 29, the dangerous Mizzou Two—white ROTC students at University of Missouri Columbia ("Mizzou"), freshman Sean D. Fitzgerald, 19, and senior Zachary E. Tucker, 21—pleaded guilty to littering. They were sentenced to two years of probation, 80 hours of community service, and had to surrender their drivers’ licenses for 60 days.

The foregoing were not typos.

On February 26, numerous cotton balls were found strewn on the ground outside Mizzou’s Black Culture Center. Fitzgerald and Tucker were arrested on felony "tampering" charges. That, too, is not a typo.

"University police say it's too early to say if the incident qualifies as a hate crime, but say they’re looking at surveillance video to find more clues," is also not a typo. [“Mizzou discusses racist display on campus,” KRCG (CBS) 13, March 2, 2010.]

The Cotton Balls of Hate

In a statement to the press, University of Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton denounced the atrocity as "a disheartening and inexcusable act."

"Those guilty of this despicable action have not yet been identified, but MUPD became involved immediately and is conducting an investigation. This university is fully committed to tolerance and respect for every one of its members, and this kind of conduct will not be tolerated at MU."

[This is not a satire. Read the rest here. Nicholas Stix]

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